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Meaning crisis study group

Every week I have been studying a series of lectures presented by John Vervaeke on the Awakening from the meaning crisis - Youtube playlist

What a fantastic and diverse study group! I want more study groups like this one in my life.

I’m going to try to summarise what we have learnt so far.

  • We are subject to an ever evolving and complexifying arena with a combinatorial explosive / uncertain problem space and potential goal states
  • Inherent domain constraints and agent / arena fittedness providing a capsulated perception of constraints, conflicts, orientation, meaning and purpose
  • As autopoietic self-organising systems, we primarily strive to maintain ourselves through optimising our ability to adapt and transcend
    • Relevance Realising / General Intelligence / Optimising opponent processing of
      • Efficiency (simplify/compressing)
      • Resiliency (complexify/particularising)
    • There is feedback dance between the agent / arena relationship
    • There is a velocity to transcendence
      • Flow state balance
      • Cultural / experiential time constraints of knowing
        • Propositional (belief statement to be true/false)
        • Procedural (way of doing something)
        • Perspectival (view)
        • Participatory (action with)
  • History has shown this dynamic suffering of opponent beliefs
    • having / being
    • certainty / uncertainty
    • complexification / simplification

What are the lessons I am learning here

  • Notice the patterns!
    • Sometimes efficiency wins, maintaining the status-quo through containing / self-deception and optimising through simplification.
    • Sometimes the imposed pressure to change requires letting go and breaking frame towards something more fitting.
    • There is an optimal grip on the balance between efficiency and resiliency that relieves suffering, this is GI/RR
    • One needs to adapt to culture as well as be an individual expression.
  • Maybe a simplified view of our task in existence is to:
    • Constantly complexify ourselves for fittness with the constantly complexifying environment, to survive by updating ourselves to the environment and update the environment to ourselves.
    • This includes discovering the meta patterns and particulars of how we optimise this process and ready ourselves for even greater potentiality
    • Accept that one derives meaning and purpose from the constraints of the domain.
      • When meaning and purpose dries up, there is more out there to be found, but work is needed to breaking frame and discover it.
      • This process is circular and essential for the optimisation process.
      • There is plenty of historic examples to draw from.